Child Custody & Support

Nothing is more important than ensuring your children’s emotional stability and minimizing the difficulty they may experience during a trying time for your family. We work closely with you, as well as with Guardians ad Litem when necessary, to advocate for a parenting plan that establishes legal and physical custody in accordance with the best interests of your children, regardless of their age(s). We will listen carefully to provide not only sound legal advice, but also connections to outside resources for emotional and psychological support.

Child support in Missouri is typically determined using Form 14, a chart which calculates the support obligation based upon the number of children, the gross income of each spouse, the costs associated with daycare and health insurance, and the parties’ custody schedule. Determining a spouse’s “income” can present a complex task requiring the retention of vocational or financial experts, or an analysis of the ordinary expenses incurred by a small business. Whether you or your spouse is a W-2 employee, independent contractor, partner in a business enterprise or a stay at home parent, we will work with you to ensure that the child support amount ordered by the court is appropriate.

We have experience with custody disputes in a variety of contexts:

  • Relocations
  • Graduated Parenting Plans
  • Supervised Custody
  • Jurisdictional Disputes
  • Third-Party Custody
  • Grandparent Visitation
  • Paternity Matters

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