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Handled Crazy Town Expertly

My divorce took about a year longer than it should have due to my ex’s crazy expectations and unreasonable demands. Michelle worked expertly in working with me, the judge, and opposing counsel to settle the case fairly and reasonably. She successfully argued a few nice wins in my favor (did not have to pay ex’s attorney fees or 100% of private school). When my ex takes me back to court for some new crazy expectations, I will again hire the dynamic duo of Michelle and Alex to bring peace and order to the situation.

I loved that Michelle even took steps to save me significant legal fees such as declining to go to a pre-trial after we had our proposal sitting at my ex’s desk for a month with no counter. The judge agreed! Michelle and Alex took all the time needed to explain and strategize with me. It was a wonderful experience during one of the hardest time of my life.



Excellent Attorney

Michelle is knowledgeable, responsive and driven to get the best result for her clients. She is aggressive when the situation calls for it while also maintaining a child centered approach to litigation.

She is one of the finest family law practitioners in St. Louis County, and I have seen her expertly handle divorces ranging from simple and straightforward to the most complex.


Great Attorney. Highly Recommend

I was referred to Michelle when I was seeking ‘top’ family lawyers in St. Louis who were ethical, compassionate, driven and who knew the law inside and out.

After interviewing several lawyers, including a former judge, Michelle was clearly the most passionate and qualified. She has an unparalleled work ethic, and I’ve referred her to other friends/colleagues, all who retained her for the same reason.

If you’re looking for a lawyer who will do anything to anyone at any cost to win, Michelle is not your lawyer, which was another reason I’m so proud to have worked with someone with such intelligence and heart.


Highly Recommend

I hired Michelle Spirn for an urgent custody matter, and a subsequent motion to modify. I could not have been more pleased with her representation. Our communication, both in person and by email was pleasant, matter-of-fact, and positive. 

When the case was completed, she had exceeded those expectations. I got more time with my children than I had expected. I felt like she went above and beyond for me and genuinely cared about my case. Her fee was very reasonable and I would hire her again in a heartbeat. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone needing an attorney in Family law.


Game Changer

Hiring Michelle completely changed the outcome of our case. From the moment she entered as our attorney she cut through the non-sense and facilitated the facts. It was obvious that she knew the system better than the GAL and Judge and possessed a sense of “leading the team” of parties involved. She held all parties accountable and forced the facts.

At the center of all cases should be the children, and I think the best attorney that exists is one that exposes the facts and holds everyone accountable. Michelle did all of this and more. I could not be more pleased with Michelle’s consultation, integrity, work ethic, and humility. We felt as if she was standing with us rather than in a room for us. Thank you Michelle from our entire family, we are forever grateful.


Phenomenal Experienced Attorney!

Michelle Spirn IS FANTASTIC I had the privilege of Michelle representing me in a family law matter, navigating filing from out of state, subsequent motion to modify, expert in cohabitation law, child sharing arrangement.

Heed her advice- she called it from the start. She keeps in great communication, explains what she is thinking, and plans ahead next steps. Michelle doesn’t push you, she facilitates you in the direction you want to go.


Committed to

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